Saturday, May 21, 2011

what is treasured

A California woman is in custody in connection with the alleged attempt to sell a moon rock.

Moon rocks are considered national treasure in the United States and their sale is illegal.

A moon rock is a national treasure?

Oh well ... it is sort of interesting to take an inventory of what is treasured in our lives. The list can range from a family heirloom to something that cost a lot of money to an intellectual or emotional persuasion. Sometimes what is treasured is treasured for what it is. Sometimes it is treasured based on what it might mean to lose the item. We all seem to have our own national treasures.

Who or what would we be without our treasures? Would we be better or worse off without them?

I don't know the answer and I wouldn't presume to pass judgment on what is treasured. But I do think that examining what is treasured is worth the price of admission. Perhaps it's even a real treasure. :)

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