Tuesday, July 1, 2014

American Taliban

Passed along in email .... a video 'report' on one wing of the American Taliban.

Neo-conservatives like Irving Kristol, Dick Cheney and others shoulder an agenda briefly described as:
  • Cutting tax rates to stimulate the economy
    To neocons it is the economy, not the tax cuts that should be emphaszed. Neocons believe a balanced budget isn't as important as creating an environment within which people can thrive. Kristol believed shouldering the burden of budget shortfalls sometimes is the price of a good economy.
  • Enforcing morality to create a more civil society
    Like social conservatives, neoconservatives believe US culture continues to sink to new lows of vulgarity. Like most social conservatives, neocons believe government has a responsibility to restore faith and values to society. Unlike social conservatives, however, neocons don't subscribe to the notion of America as a Christian nation, but instead embrace all faiths that have strong moral emphases.
  • Aggressive nation-building and the exportation of democracy as a fundamental foreign policy
    Neoconservatives believe the way to combat terrorism and extremism is to implement democracies in emerging nations and assist countries in adopting democratic governments.
The last aspect depicts the sense of American exceptionalism that it is hard not to compare with the Taliban so frequently excoriated.

1 comment:

  1. Cutting taxes for those who sent our jobs abroad.

    Enforcing morality on anyone unpatriotic enough to think that was a mistake.

    And aggressively opening markets and resources that belong to other nations for those who aren't paying taxes to plunder.

    What these conservatives appear to be conserving is the wealth and power we used to call "the ruling class".

    And a jihad like shout down on anyone who doesn't like it, because god wants us to protect his chosen rulers? Sure sounds like the divine right of kings is making a comeback here.

    We do live in interesting times, that look a lot like the last times. lol