Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Some news...

To the readers of my father's blog,

I am here to inform you that he has been hospitalized with some stomach pain that has been ailing him for weeks now. Everything seems to be alright as of now, and the doctors have a plan to get everything back into control, however he wanted me to write a little post about it.

Angus Fisher


  1. Sad news! Best wishes for a quick recovery!

  2. Dear Adam,

    I wish you all the best and trust the doctors will be able to discover the problem and provide a remedy. You are in my thoughts and prayers old friend....

  3. Best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery.

  4. Hello, Angus, we meet about ten years ago. Please let you father know of our sincere wishes that your father gets an accurate and thorough diagnosis, that he receives excellent treatment regime that he can follow so that he can make a quick and complete recovery. Regards to you mother and and your siblings, too.

    Be well Genkaku

  6. Hope your feeling better soon , Anita

  7. Best wishes Adam.
    Hope you are being cared for as well as you care for all of us.


  9. Thank you, Angus. Regards to Adam and your loved ones

  10. I may chant some mantras as well as sutras, have hardly any clue whether you believe in it or see the need either, Genkaku was pretty poignant in his own perspective towards life or zen.

    He spoke about everything under the sun from his military time serving in Germany till how one of his sons Ives iirc also joined the army recently, sometimes I prefer leaving what I know as they are, still at the back of Genkaku's mind occasionally was his stepmother who would be 92 this year maybe she needs being informed more than we do here at this blog, so Angus you take care ya?

  11. Dear Adam,
    Wishing you well and ease and the very best, a prayer lamp burns here for all of you .. keeping you in thought and at heart.

    Thank you Angus.
    Take care all.