Tuesday, July 29, 2014

out of the hospital

Out of the hospital today after a week's stay. Came home with a bushel of meds and a laundry list of good and sometimes well-intentioned advice and I am exhausted. Heart and liver seem to be of interest. I am grateful for well-wishes and thankful for those held in reserve. Thank you, everyone.

I see Joshu Sasaki died in the week's meantime ... there always seems to be a "meantime."

I see no one has discovered who put up the white flags on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City over a week ago. They ran DNA tests. The cops came out with guns ... but somehow no one could get the story. One of those robotic, buxom newscasters with shoulder-length hair and a sense of self that would do Gaza and Israel proud commented about the flags, "we are not amused," as if perhaps her wisdom would flush the perpetrators.... who turned out to be....

I see Israel and Gaza are talking once again as if they really did care about a ceasefire.

Across the street in the 4:30 afternoon light, a gaggle of small brown sparrows seemed agitated by the fact that some of the flock had become trapped behind the screening on a neighbor's porch. There were birds on the outside of the screens while others fluttered within -- as in a rich man's airy collection. I called over my neighbor since I could not walk across the street and asked him to let them go.

And he did.


  1. So good to have you back Adam!

  2. Good to see you're back to blabbing' & bloggin'!

    This caught my attention:
    "Heart and liver seem to be of interest."
    Of course they are! They have been for millennia by most cultures from East to West.

    “The sun and the moon and the stars, the very space and the clouds and the lightning and the rains—all this miracle of creation is within the heart of man.”

    -- The Chhandogya Upanishad

    I have always been almost foolishly been fascinated by the fact that Japanese (and I guess the Chinese) use the same word for both heart and mind. One word that gets right to the "heart" of the matter of life. "Shin."

    Like it's actual numerous functions in the physical world, the liver's symbolism is little known when compared to that of the heart. The liver can be seen as that which cleanses, that which aides in the digestion and integration experience, and that which renews and regenerates.

    In any case, I hope you're able to take your bushel full of medications and that your do your best to diligently follow the good and well-intentioned advice. Just remember what all but the wisest doctors like to have you forget: It's your body and that you're the one in charge. You're the one that needs to be convinced.

    Of course be wise and be sure to follow the basics. Get enough sleep and rest, watch your diet, exercise as appropriate to your condition, get plenty of fresh air, and watch the temperature and humidity.