Saturday, January 7, 2017

in the interim .....

In  the meantime....

In the time between going to the hospital, having death more or less laid out again as a not-terribly exciting option, and regaining a sluggish reconnect as Donald Trump edges up on the Jan. 20, 2017, inauguration....

My younger son moves closer towards a deployment in a Middle East where, yet again, the once-great United States, has not seen fit to declare a state of war that nevertheless pop-pop-pop's from the barrels of weapons sold largely by the USA.

My middle son sprained his ankle and hobbles around the house. My wife does the heavy lifting, from keeping medical tabs to ... to ... to....

Other swaths and hitches of organization. Is anything organized any more? Hospitals, I suppose, are organized though fewer people seem to get the care

In the meantime, I notice that it is becoming acceptable for women to be fat ... thick ankles ... waist lines that really do damage to the plumping female form. It's probably just my bias .... everyone loud and shiny-bright-but-largely-stupid....

Donald Trump instills the poetry: "This is is the way the world will end/ This is the way the world will end/ This is the way the world will end/ Not with a bang but a whimper." And in the meantime I no longer have what it takes to look things up, to double-check

The bourgeois, I-own-it minds are on the tube. Their lack of imagination is frightening.

There are more tits on tv and more pot/marijuana (drug world has not yet settled ) and pretty soon moderation -- the use of an expletive other than "fuck" -- is likely to become chic.

It would be nice if something were sassy/classy instead of just brittle and loud

I don't know what this post is about .... I imagine I'll add to it.
LAS VEGAS (AP) - Here's a morning routine for you. After the alarm on your smartphone goes off, it's time to roll out of your "smart" bed and give your hair a good run through with your app-connected brush. Don't forget to use your smart toothbrush in front of your smart mirror. After that, your smart pillbox will remind you to take your medication. And remember to put on your smart jeans, so they can give you directions while you leave your phone in the pocket. Sound like a typical morning? Tech companies at the CES gadget show in Las Vegas would like it to be. 
[BBC] The largest shipment of US brigades since the fall of the Soviet Union is arriving in northern Germany.
The first of the 87 tanks and 144 military vehicles were being unloaded in the port of Bremerhaven on Friday.
The equipment and 3,500 US troops are to be deployed along Nato's eastern frontier. The deployment aims to allay worries of potential Russian aggression in eastern Europe.
However, some fear the large number will exacerbate tensions with Moscow.


  1. The affairs of this world are no longer my concern. They're just an irritating background noise i'm unable and unwilling to extend the effort to decipher. They never were my concern really. I showed an interest in them as a posturing of my own importance. I could have had a V8.

    1. But zazen is often an open eyed business.

      I have just returned my combat uniforms last evening, thereby rendering me a retired conscript. As Adam once autographed in my copy of his book, "My brother this life". This morning I woke up learning that this is a reality; if my successors chose the People's Liberation Army instead of the US Marines, I had done my best choosing the side of liberty instead of communism when I was involved in soldiering.