Thursday, January 26, 2017

liberals with guns

... some left wingers take a more pessimistic view.
"It just feels like we are living at the end of the world and everybody expects the apocalypse to come sooner rather than later," says Clara, the nursing student.
"So learning how to shoot a gun doesn't seem like a bad idea. Certainly more useful than learning how to make PowerPoint slides, or whatever." -- BBC Magazine Dec. 20


  1. I wonder how long after the apocalypse the ammo will last.

  2. If you get started soon with your DIY Bullet System which means making your own bullets, as well as refilling shells. Keep up with and get good at it; your personal stock pile will be sufficient unless our resource peace doesn't even survive the next four years.

    Check survivalist sites and YouTube.

  3. Do you have the raw materials available by mining in your region? I think the nature of an apocalypse will shut down internet shopping.