Thursday, January 12, 2017

white flag era

I am trying -- seriously trying -- to read the news and keep up with a press doing what it can to keep up with almost-president of the United States, Donald Trump. [Here's one example] A recent stay in the hospital for heart irregularities hardly seems an adequate excuse for the lack of understanding I have found and the exhaustion I feel.

Honest to god -- what the fuck is going on? Will someone shoot this mutt and put him out of my misery? I don't understand prolonged narcissism (Trump) and more, really can't find the energy to parse it. I guess I will rest my head on the pillow of the word
Alternatively, I give up. Trump hates my country, hates its roots, hates its honor ... I hope there's beer in the fridge. I hope some idiot thinks s/he can parse it all and, having parsed, extract some sense and a modicum of affection.


  1. In so far as governance goes, there's no need to parse Trump. Go back to the basics of the countries governance. E.g. Watch Congress first: What laws are being proposed, what's passed, what's signed by the president. What executive orders are being considered, what's put into effect.

    We'll need to send more money to entities like Sierra Club, Envirnonmental Defense, ACLU, etc.

    As for understabning Mr. Trump, the Atlantic Magazine did a fair job analyzing Trump last June. If you haven't read it it's here:
    The Mind of Donald Trump.

    Given his history of ripping off people from his employees to the students of his "university," his obvious misogyny, his unwillingness to have his tax returns released, his cabinet appointees, his unwillingness to divest his holdings and place the assets in a true blind trust this is a man who cannot be trusted.

    We will need to develop a new set of analytical tools to deal with a president who lies so much he's lost the ability to recall what he's said with any accuracy. The rest of us will need to approach him with a firm and disciplined "Do not listen to what he says, but to carefully watch what he does." (BTW -- If CNN is blocked from every Presidential Press Conference it'll matter not one whit.)

  2. You can't parse lies; just recognize them as such.

    I Like Wolff's spin --
    "Like a dog that returns to his vomit, this president-elect just can’t help himself."

    El Trumpitan probably thinks his favorite lies are unbelievably delicious.

  3. It's ok to feel overwhelmed. Aside from losing energy or even interest, we're experiencing a tsunami and wtf's. There's plenty of folks taking it on, for better or worse. Our presence in the discussion isn't needed. Life will go on without us, went on before us, we can shrug off our opinions and enjoy a hammock. That might be the only reasoned response to nonsense.

    1. He says as many people's health insurance is on track to be removed, the earth on track to be further polluted, etc.

      Some rather keep an ear to the ground.

      Your hammock reminds me of the long forgotten fable about the ant and the grasshopper.

  4. This morning I received a private message from a Chinese migrant who identified herself as a literati from Communist China. With 1.3 billion as a populace, the Chinese Government looks after a huge portfolio way greater than the entire Asia Pacific population combined. In any case, this Chinese migrant had on one hand quit her own mainland for the greater world, yet on the other hand she had two limitations: firstly she could not accept another language as her primary language, secondly she could not accept the fact that this planet does not belong to China.

    While being assertive is not always wrong, this is essentially what the Chinese Government tries doing yet again not in the direction of engaged argument or personal insight. In fact I do not really care much for engaged argument or personal insight, the matter of fact is that these commentators reporting to the propaganda office are ultimately still quite impoverished. In other words, while we assumed that China has gotten more affluent over many recent years of economic growth, ultimately the wealth distribution is still quite obnoxious, and most of these Chinese Government spies or commentators, when we look at some of their miserable plight upon escaping the mainland country, it is easier just reporting or blocking them. Why?

    If we are trying to save homo sapiens, they are after all spies. The Japanese used to have a lot of Kempeitai spies in East Asia before they invaded, the Communists are at best just doing what the Japanese used to do as Fascists.

    Yet, if we understand what these spies or 'commentators' are doing, they grew up thinking this way after all. Their patriotism is part of their state controlled propaganda education system, we may try to support their academia being the top amongst the developed world such as Fudan or Peking, yet there is something about their practices that simply has difficulty blending in with the developed world. smile emoticon:)

    Modern Communism is not terribly exciting, it is at best just a remake of Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy, in other words, nothing new i.e. copycat Chinese syndromes without any newer ideas.

    I don't know if we will ever get to see China versus the rest of the world this very lifetime, but I won't be surprised if one day Russia turns its back on them and invades Beijing instead.