Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trump appears to turn screws

A global backlash against U.S. President Donald Trump's immigration curbs gathered pace on Sunday as several countries including long-standing American allies criticised the measures as discriminatory and divisive.
Governments from London and Berlin to Jakarta and Tehran spoke out against Trump's order to put a four-month hold on allowing refugees into the United States and temporarily ban travellers from Syria and six other Muslim-majority countries, which he said would help protect Americans from terrorism. [Reuters]
Is anyone -- anyone outside Donald Trump -- gaining from the confusion and acidity whose tsunami is rising? Is anything easier than war? In large measure, my wife refuses to discuss Trump et al. I think she may be closest to right.

In the wee darkness of today's dawn, I awoke thinking of 1. The Button Hermit, a wholly-concocted person who paints miniature, connective scenery on buttons that will adorn one shirt or such. The small collectives are very expensive ... or free as is most art.

2. The Caligula Preparatory School [a Trump enterprise] in which price and sale and cost are given a four-year framework in which to be nourished.

Unfortunately, when I look up Caligula, his alleged cruelty and insanity seem to be dubious at best and certainly not deserving of the company of the likes of Trump.

Yes, my wife probably has it right. The person who tries to do away with Trump will probably be called crazy and will certainly support Trump's own aggrandized vision of himself. Just forgetaboutit.

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  1. I imagine most americans won't understand what we've become. The dream will live on though, even as it becomes a nightmare.