Thursday, January 5, 2017

unyielding but fair ... WTF

Step by step I do what I can to return to the 'rational' and quasi-rational land of sanity last seen before I entered the heart-healing health world a couple of weeks back.

But by licks and trips, I am stymied and, like the latter-day elderly person who has "fallen and I can't get up," I have fallen, can't get up and more than anything, don't give a shit about getting up. What, for example does the phrase, "an unyielding but fair-minded conservative" [Jeff Sessions] mean? Seriously ... conservative, liberal, what does it mean? A fair-minded person who is unyielding? Will someone parse that for me .... or ... no, wait, parse it for someone else. It is ludicrous no matter what the starting point.

This is "outside" its own mind description ... or, if it's not, then the world of impending Walmart feudalism has taken a large step forward. 

I am tired, I guess. I hesitate to say the world has gone mad. I hesitate to say that I have gone mad. I hope there is a good sit-com TV show in the offing.

OK ... Bush and cohorts get the money ... couldn't we do something nice for each other? What a wuss I am become.


  1. When i was young, changing the world seemed possible. But now it's just samsara, always was, always will be. I just lack the energy to bang my head against it anymore.

  2. Hope you're feeling better.

    What's with the single generation thinking?

    Science, technologies, medicine, etc. never presume reach a final end. Why should any movement towards peace or justice?

    Trump, Pence Sessions and their ilk, like all recent Republicans from Reagan and the Bushes and the Democrats like the Clintons needed to be exposed for what they are. This effort can only be multigenerational.

    As for head butting samsara, you might want to vow to return to the battle after a rest. Meanwhile focus on strategy and tactics.

  3. After listening to Terebe, a familiar tune of Blood Diamonds the OST was played.