Tuesday, January 31, 2017

character ... or not

War takes courage and a certain liqueous stupidity.

Peace takes character.

From this, if true, it can be seen why I'll be damned if I can think of a single 30-year period of time during which the United States was not involved in one armed conflict or another.

If war is the rule ... almost worse than the bloodshed and loss is the infernal need to praise its creativity and kindness.

It really is easier to understand things where war is a 'given.' And it really is easier to see why various groups find it necessary to speak of the joy and wisdom of mankind.

OK, guys, douse the bull-shit-o-meter lights. It's time to pat ourselves on the back.

Character .... does that actually mean something?


  1. Long before we were predators, and for a much longer time, we were prey. When our hominid forebears found themselves trapped on top of a rock with predators circling below patiently, they would grab a youngster and throw him off the rock. The predators would eat him while the rest slipped off to safety. We've since ennobled it with legend and pageantry so that our young, who know no better, will volunteer for it. We're so hardwired for it we even have our gods doing it.

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