Wednesday, February 1, 2017


I asked my wife and my two sons -- since it's a long way down for this aging body, would one of them be willing to trim my toenails? To a (wo)man, they refused, based, as far as I could see, on an eeeeuuuuwww factor. Feet are somehow dirty and conceivably dirty both literally and metaphorically.

Their refusal struck me as odd. Not hurtful, but odd. What is anyone likely to do when circumstances grow serious and doing what is unusual to do needs to get done. My toe nails, for example, are getting long and if they break off, the risk of discomfort and perhaps infection rises. OK. But an eeeeuuuuuwww factor? Anyone who has changed diapers knows what it's like to get real.

Women, as I understand the vast and largely useless polls that clog the internet, dislike their feet. But feet are what anyone stands on, walks on, runs on. All the effeminately-angry women's shoe designs can't trump the necessity and blessedness of feet. Sooo (to use a popularly vomitorius interjection), why not take care of them and, by extension the feet of others?

Eeeeeeeuuuuuwwwww to feet? Are they too smelly? Too grubby? ... what's the matter with taking care of feet -- mine, yours, or anyone's? Now if I could just reach down their with less discomfort .....


  1. "mothers are always right even when they are wrong".

  2. I find i can reach mine while on the can. But certain angles remain pretty difficult. An in home supportive services care provider will take on feet as part of the job description. I've no idea what's wrong with your clan that they won't pitch in. If someone needs help, help them.

  3. Soak your feet in a basin of hot water to make the nails less brittle, more clippable. For dry trimming use a long-handled file, preferably carpenter's strength. Can't imagine why your sons are squeamish, especially the military one.

  4. Sorry to hear.

    I'd be afraid of cutting into your toes.

    Visit your podiatrist or a nail salon. You might get bettter TLC care at the salon and even get some body art. Into Zen then pick out some Japanese characters or get your toe nails painted.

    How about the
    Kan Ze On Bo Nen &
    Kan Ze On Nen Nen, or
    Na Mu Dai Bo Sa on both Feet

    A couple of sitting buddhas.

    Different Yoga Asana?

    There's always some Egyptian Icons if your in the mood.

    How about Fire, Ice, Earth, Star, Sun, & Wind?

    Have fun. Have some laughs.