Monday, February 13, 2017


The BBC's explanatory information accompanying a photo-contest entry read like ... I'm not sure what:
In order to enter the priesthood in the Orthodox religion in Russia, you must first become a monk or get married. Here Vladimir marries Vittoria. This photo taken by Francesco Comello was part of a series which won third prize in Daily Life (Stories).
Among the winners of the World Press Photo 2017 contest was the picture above. I wouldn't be so confused if I simply looked things up, but since confusion -- who's married, who ain't and what difference it might make -- is more the norm these days, I think I'll leave it alone. Still, I do feel a bit as if someone had told me to become a mahout if I wished to drive in Monaco's Grand Prix.

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  1. From the movie Stripes:

    What are you doing? No, get off.
    See, you gotta make my bunk.
    See, we're in Italy.
    The guy on the top bunk...
    ...has gotta make the guy
    on the bottom's bed all the time
    It's in the regulations.
    If we were in Germany....
    I would have to make yours.
    But we're in Italy, so you've
    gotta make mine. It's regulations.