Saturday, February 11, 2017

being a parent / parental regret

Strange to think how eventually things come around to serious consideration of what is initially posited as unthinkable and, somehow, naughty. Eg.: since I haven't lived through a war, I might as well get behind one... or how about the parents who are willing to concede they really don't want to be parents.

The 'blessing' of birthing and parenting ... that's what some, at least, are rethinking. Women catch much of the blessed flak -- they do the heavy lifting -- but I was happy to see reference to the regret men might feel in The Guardian article.
It’s tiring, often boring – and can mean a return to more traditional roles. Why some mothers (and fathers) feel they made a mistake.

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  1. I imagine committing to anything other than self indulgence will come with regret. The offset would be if the reward from the commitment sufficed. And in an experience of moments passing, it seems like the experience would range wildly between warm fuzzies and screams of frustration.