Friday, February 24, 2017

mead from the Parisian catacombs

Audric de Campeau's bees might be Paris's luckiest inhabitants. Buzzing across the city's rooftops, they watch over some of the French capital's most famous sights.
"My bees live 20m above Paris, while my mead lives 20m underneath," quipped de Campeau as we climbed a ladder up to the roof of the 18th-Century French Military Academy, where a row of beehives and a sweeping vista of the Eiffel Tower awaited.
It seems that however drab and drudge-littered life may become, there is always someone somewhere who is doing something ... uhhh ... "different" is such a facile word.

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  1. The world is not terribly big despite seven billion earthlings estimated. When I knew of Genkaku I knew he was and probably still is the zazen expert I needed this life. Since he is not God or Buddha all the time, I knew I needed somebody else. I found that Marguerite Manteau-Rao a licensed clinical social worker and registered art therapist with a mindfulness-based psychotherapy private practice in Palo Alto, CA was another life coach and she has helped me in ways that Adam couldn't, as well.