Monday, February 20, 2017

where philosophy counts

Now this is something -- minus the punning high-schoolers' sniggers -- you can really sink your teeth into. Jesuits and French smokers of Gauloises move over! Existence and emptiness, truth and falsehood -- pick your favorite late-night dialogue and then consider the shoals and depths of the Jaffa Cake ... what is it precisely (cake or biscuit?), what should be its tax burden, and when/how should it be consumed?

Do not enter this discussion lightly. This is the stuff that sucks the unwary under like South American quick sand. There is no mercy in this marmalade.
The manufacturer, McVities, had always categorised them as cakes and to boost their revenue the tax authorities wanted them recategorised as biscuits. A legal case was fought in front of a brilliant adjudicator, Mr D C Potter.
Well, I had never even heard of Jaffa Cake until this moment and all I can say is blub-blub-blub. Perhaps you can save me ... and yourself as well.


  1. I am ambidextrous. When the US President was a Democrat, the USA and Massachusetts were on my East, East of Singapore. When the US President is a Republicann, the USA and Massachusetts are on my West. Thought I will let you know.