Friday, February 10, 2017

washed ashore and unrequited

 In New Zealand:
"As the morning wore on, an urgent plea was issued for locals to drop work and school commitments and head to the remote beach to save the whales, bringing towels, buckets and sheets to keep them cool, calm and wet."

In the Mediterranean a similar heartbreak goes similarly unrequited. The heart asks why and weeps and yet there is no end to hell.
Men, women, children, whales ... the heart does not distinguish and yet, of course, it does.

Twerps forgather and discuss and claim to be surprised and caring where the war attains full flower.

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  1. I'd blame trump, but he's just a symptom of our common frustration with samsara, our common inability to be responsible for our own part in anything, our own laziness for paying attention.
    We learned to talk, but still can't hoist ourselves from the cradle.