Friday, February 24, 2017

zeitgeist of angst ... a-g-a-i-n

Today, as every now and then, I was one among 37 recipients targeted by a well-intentioned emailer who seems to presume that I will be interested in yet another fucking analysis of the current zeitgeist of angst. This article, from the ever-so-straight-seamed Boston Globe is entitled "How the Baby Boomers Destroyed Everything." I guess what I really resent is that in fact I do wish there would be some easing of the economic and social and moral strangle hold ... but hope just makes the war more likely, I think, and the futility is galling.

I am sick of people explaining. Does explanation mitigate facts or is it just some Sally Five-Fingers way of masturbating into another thought dimension. Yes, I am turning into some tea party idjit. Stop explaining and make some attempt (I really don't care if it fails) to shape a course of action. The droning analyses are so fucking cogent that they make me want to ... go out an buy one of those combat-ready rifles that leave the anti-gun lobby frothing on the floor. Up with large magazines!

Well, I've done my frothing. There's nothing saying I have to read the well-intentioned emails that come my way, but I resent the implication that I might suspect some scintilla of hope or usefulness resides in such essays.

People are getting hurt. If Donald Trump can get used to it, so can I, I guess.

Scumbags unite!


  1. You can't people proof anything. But you can always blame and punish someone.

    1. What Charlie says, "you can always blame and punish someone".