Tuesday, February 7, 2017

and the winnah is.....

At least the news stories (are there any news stories any more?) are beginning to lean a little towards a question I wouldn't mind seeing answered: In a competition, someone wins and someone loses -- it's the nature of competition. So who, precisely won in 2017 and who, precisely (what constituency) can lay claim to the trophy ... what trophy?

AP's "Voters await economic revival in a part of pro-Trump America" takes a swing at the question.

OK, the well-to-do won
and will get the war that will enhance the income ... free American-flag lapel pins for all. But the U.S. is running out of luster... as for example the its alliances little and large with Israel's apartheid or its growing warmth with Syria, a country once condemned for its cruelties and now newly-accused.

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  1. Expectation bites. Hope is warm and cozy, but if you believe in the american dream you've drunk the kool-aid.