Wednesday, February 22, 2017

the North Korean murder mystery

Alive ......................................Dead
I don't know that anyone else might be interested, but I find myself following the assassination of North Korean President Kim Jong-un's half-brother, Kim Jong-Nam, as if it were some ladies' romance page-turner. Now someone has broken into the morgue in Malaysia where Kim Jong-Nam's body is held ... and previous stories of young women 'duped' into spraying the deceased as part of prank are debunked. Kim Jong-Un's previous propensities for eradicating those who might pose a challenge to his presidential post whisper in the background like some Greek chorus.

Put this stuff on television and it would probably flop.


  1. No, not a flop, just an episode. I missed the TV show "Mission Impossible." Rollin Hand would have swapped the Kims' visages as the rest of the team managed to delay the assassins. Then Kim Nan would have defected to America and Kim Un would be dead by his own killer squad. Ah, the glory days of unsanctioned TV assassinations.

  2. I won't understand Malaysian law much lesser North Korean excuses, since we have training precepts to follow perhaps they can kill another, but I almost certainly cannot eat beef.