Tuesday, February 21, 2017

jaguar vs. anteater

If you're looking for good odds as to whether a jaguar or an anteater would win a to-the-death dust-up, tread lightly. Jaguars may be fast and viscious, but anteaters have nails that would leave Wolverine in the shade. "Cuddly" may be the last thing anyone might want to call an anteater.

[youtube taken from internet, not story]


  1. Watched the latest Hollywood production Resident Evil the Final Episode. The final story rhymes with my actual life. The last few minutes was extremely hilarious when Alice the clone met Alicia the original.

    Over the recent years my corporate supervisor as well as confession leader Alice lost touch with me, around the same time my romantic interest as well as love expert Alicia was trying to keep me in touch of sorts. Sandwiched between the two dearies, I ain't complaining. Yet, Alicia seems to have bounced me off to my old puppy crush Doreen, what is in a woman's name? Probably nothing much.