Tuesday, February 21, 2017

'justice' in Israel

Sometimes keeping up with Israel's legerdemain is harder than keeping up with Donald Trump.
An Israeli military medic who was captured on camera killing an incapacitated Palestinian attacker last year has been sentenced to 18 months in prison.
If Israel feels picked-on by its various detractors when it comes to Palestinians, I suspect it has something to do with how much better armed and willing to use those better arms against the Palestinians the Israelis are. No one's blameless in the Israel-Palestinian clusterfuck, but Israel is more serenely egregious from where I sit. And U.S. complicity is hard to sidestep.

 Apartheid anyone?


  1. My doctor, an old friend, is jewish, a zionist, and very liberal. He says the folks in the middle east deserve each other. And i imagine that's true of all of us. We're humanity, living on a single planet. Why those two descriptors have to be artificially divided into factions and realms escapes me.

  2. I wannasit. One hour and 30 minutes of zazen time. Eyes open.