Wednesday, December 5, 2018

dying to say "decent"

Last week, former president George Herbert Walker Bush died at 94. And as the corpse does its obligatory rounds before interment, it is interesting how many politicians and other wannabes have hastened to use the word "decent" to describe the man. It is as if the word "decent" were some sort of pariah in the face of Donald Trump's manipulations and lies.

Dying to say "decent."

Viscerally, Trump is indecent, and any recollection that will allow the "decency" genie out of the bottle is welcome, even the throw-back WASP who actually seemed to believe that a little decency was not a dangerous thing.

It may be a fib, but it's a fib that is pleasing to the mind.


  1. JFK seemed like a decent peace-loving president, maybe the last decent american president. There is a documentary suggesting that GHWB was involved in his death; Dark Legacy ( In the corridors of power, there seems to be little room for peace... or decency.

    1. This documentary is also interesting: