Saturday, December 8, 2018

Trump's undocumented workers

You knew it in your bones right along: Donald Trump, president of the United States, is a liar and a conniver and a member in good standing of the petite bourgeoisie ("everything has a price") whose stature would be lessened if he were not standing on someone else's back ... but ... well ...

"The president says that in the places he owns he does not hire any undocumented workers. ...It is a lie,” said [Sandra] Diaz, [right] 46, a native of Costa Rica who worked at the club in 2010 to 2013.
Who are you going to believe? Who's the "criminal?" Who's the "servant?" Who's the scum bag?
“We need to come out and defend ourselves,” said 47-year-old [Victorina] Morales, brushing away tears. “I had enough with suffering.”


  1. Trump’s hatred for Hispanic immigrants seems too personal. It makes me think that either he was severely disciplined by his Mexican Nanny or spurn by his Mexican girlfriend or beaten down by a Mexican classmate.

    1. Or maybe not...

    2. I meant maybe it's not "personal" and maybe he hasn't been abused, but rather inherited his hatred or - perhaps - sense of superiority and a mindframe "I'm human so, unless you look like me, agree with me and do like me, you're not."