Thursday, February 11, 2010

convincing stuff

Altruists and activists may wince, but I find myself with an underlying supposition that no one -- ever -- convinces anyone else of anything.

My axiom is this: You say what you have to say in whatever manner you feel like saying it. Long, short, impassioned, logical, illogical, gossipy, reflective, corrective, informative ... whatever. I do the same. You agree or disagree with me and I do the same for you.

But if there's any convincing to be done, I'll do it for me and you'll do it for you.

When someone says, "He convinced her," or "She convinced them," I'm sorry but I don't see things that way. It doesn't compute. It may be popular as a way of speaking, but it simply doesn't compute.

Have I convinced you? :P

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