Wednesday, February 10, 2010

too late

As an aging or aged person, there are any number of ways in which the phrase "too late" applies to me.

Too late to join NASA.
Too late to be a handsome rogue.
Too late to climb Mt. Everest.
Too late to become an astro-physicist, even assuming I had much aptitude for science.
Too late to take the Trans-Siberian Railway or visit Afghanistan, two things I have wanted to do in the past.
Too late to imagine that a new suit will make a hell of a lot of difference, let alone impress anyone.
Too late to be young.
And too late to do a heck of a lot about the leanings of a lifetime.

Sometimes I wish it were not too late.

Sometimes I luxuriate in its warming certainty -- it's too late now.

But there are some things it's never to late for. It's never too late, for example, to enjoy a laugh or sneeze or to breathe this breath. Not too late ... unless of course you think it may be too late, in which case, even as you imagine it is too late, it really is too late ... you already missed the laugh or sneeze or breath.

As the old refrigerator magnet once put it, "Life is what happens while you were busy making other plans." So, at whatever age, you're always too late in one sense and yet simultaneously it's never too late.

You ... are always too late...always coming in second, always bringing up the rear. And all the while it was never to late.


See what I mean?

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