Friday, February 19, 2010

empty nest

Empty nest.

The family has taken off for the wilds of New Jersey to celebrate my son's 16th birthday with his mother's clan. I sent him a balloon bouquet at his grandmother's house since every time I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he seemed literally incapable of thinking of something.

The quiet is all around.

I did rent a couple of movies, one of them "The Hurt Locker," which I imagine no one would want to watch with me. Even I am not sure if I want to see it, though I would like to find out how the scorching indecencies of war are handled in serious hands. But watching those indecencies, however they are handled, does not hold any appeal. I just want to find out if someone can be serious about the subject...even if it does make me want to puke.

And then I rented a movie that promised some comedic relief -- "A Serious Man" -- about which I know absolutely nothing except what the upbeat blurb on the back of the package was willing to tell me.

And there was a note from a cousin suggesting I list my book on some internet site that allows people to read it on-line, a la Kindle, so maybe I will spend time investigating that.

It is strange having nothing immediate to do on behalf of others.

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