Monday, February 1, 2010

what's wrong with what happens?

Without setting your hair on fire about it, what's the matter with what happens? When things are never exactly the way you wanted them -- never really 100% satisfactory -- what's the problem?

When things are never exactly the way you wanted, I think the tendency is to make some effort to get them exactly the way you want them ... only to find they turn to be not-exactly what you wanted again. And again...and again...and again....

Mind you, the way things turn out may be pretty much in line with what you wanted ... but there's always a "but," some tweaking or addition or subtraction that needs to be done, some improvement or reshaping or revised meaning.

Most of this happens without anyone's really noticing. Improvements R Us. What happens is a means of improving what has not yet happened or has happened but didn't turn out right. And there is nothing wrong with planning or correcting, but is planning for what will happen an adequate reason for ignoring or failing to enjoy what does happen?

It's an interesting habit, one that is not worth belaboring: People will either choose to wonder or never wonder at all:

What's the problem with what happens?

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