Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The snow is tickling from the sky this morning ... just a flake here and a flake there floating downwards to join their fallen comrades.

There has been so little snow this winter that I fear for a summer water supply. I don't like shoveling, but if shoveling is the price of drinking water, I guess I can stir my stumps. It's either that or believe with nitwits that there will always be bottled water in the supermarket.

John, a fellow who used to practice zazen here, once asked, "Did you ever notice that people who complain about hard times are still drinking bottled water?" An apt juxtaposition for my money.

Water: Setting aside the white-whiney activist hand-wringing it can occasion, isn't water what we need? Isn't it who we are? The lion and the gazelle that lion might eat both drink from the same pool. Water is a sine qua non for animal life.

Sometimes we long for life because there doesn't seem to be enough. Sometimes we complain because there is too much ... and shoveling is a pain in the tail.

But either way, we certainly need to find our own watering hole ... and drink.

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