Wednesday, February 17, 2010

what's the matter with beautiful?

A snippet on the car radio suggested that clothing designers were reconfiguring their goals to address new economic realities ... the new Depression which no one ever calls the Depression. More wool, less cashmere. Still spiffy, but, well, you know ... not a rack devoted exclusively to spiffy stuff.

I never could get my head around haute couture ... anorexic, angry-looking women showing off clothes that are pretty embarrassing in their 'artistic' excesses. I have the same inability to appreciate when it comes to hooker couture ... the miles-too-naked look on women not equipped to look good in such clothes. "What's the matter with beautiful?" a voice in my mind asks when it comes to the hautes and the hookers. But of course 'beautiful' is a matter of taste.

Looking good ... how many ways do we all do that? In clothing, in language, in our endeavors ... always dressing up as best we may for our own pleasure and for the reflections we see in others' eyes.

But what's the matter with beautiful? What's the matter with the come-as-you are you? Sure, there are times when fakery is required ... but is there some reason to fake when there is no reason to fake?

What's the matter with beautiful?

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