Sunday, August 15, 2010


Has it ever been any different? Something happens, little or large, and some reaction is aroused in its wake. Over and over again. The situation seems to cling like warm bubblegum to the sole of a shoe and accompanies the traveler wherever s/he goes ... over and over.

I don't want to start another Eido Tai Shimano thread. There is already one with 284 responses on this blog, but the situation, the bubblegum in which I have stepped, goes on and on. It's just where I am for the moment: Tiring, saddening, outraging, deserving, slimy, self-serving, with mixed emotions and faceted thoughts ... on and on and on.

And little stuff is no different, clinging and cloying until ....

Until it either wears out and is conveniently forgotten in the face of some other something, or it is seen through to the end ... which never turns out as expected, but anyway it can be laid to rest in a mind full of reactions.

I guess that, little or large, we keep banging our head against the wall because it feels so good when we stop ... stop playing the heads-and-walls game ... and just breathe a little.

Funny how, no matter how profound or serious the circle becomes, still it is a circle and we all come back home.

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