Monday, August 2, 2010


Having recently visited a doctor who grew pretty touchy when I asked him to go over a point yet again ("I've already explained that," he said more than once), it occurs to me that I too can overlook the need for repetition:

And so, for no particular reason, here are several things I think it's worth repeating:

The Cucumber Sage
The Invitation

As I say, this list is in no way exhaustive -- they were just things that came to mind when thinking about the inability or unwillingness of those in possession of good suggestions to be smug or distant just because they happen to have such information.


  1. how's the ... whatever... heard u went to see the doctor recently and he made you go through some checks that made u grouchy.

    still fit as a fiddle?

    just noodling.

    if karma has my way, somebody will massage my back when i'm old and at the doctors manipulating his stethoscope.


  2. ps: i love my grandparents the most.