Monday, August 16, 2010


Sometimes I wonder whether testiness rests more on age and fatigue or on just plain experience (right or wrong).

I was reading a Zen Buddhist thread just now and felt the testiness rising. I don't want to be cranky with people I don't know and so, increasingly, as the testiness seems to mount, I just don't/can't write anything. 35-40 years of involvement and the best I can come up with is, "Do it, if you like."

It's worth a laugh in one sense, but in another, I do have to bite my tongue. Virtue and vice ... do it if you like.

A piece of the cross on which Jesus was crucified was returned after being stolen in late June or early July. The true cross. Stolen. Returned. OK, do it if you like.

Talking to others is OK. Writing is another matter.

Just noodling.


  1. I think Japanese culture is most interesting.


    Bow lower.

    Do not raise my head until the Emperor tells me to.


  2. Off the record, pornography existed in Japan in I think 14th century, but only after they lost WWII did they started having the genitals censored upon orders by General McDouglas.

    My favourite nugget of info from my history knowledge...