Saturday, June 25, 2011

the goal

Splashing around my mind like a kid in a mud puddle ....

Let belief be your guide, but never allow it to be the goal. Beliefs betoken doubt and, although beliefs can inform, still no one wants to live a life in doubt...the discomfort is too great.

There is nothing profound in this. Look around. Think it through. You can believe, and perhaps have, that you could ride a bicycle. There was evidence to be found in the other kids riding up and down the block. But once you learned to ride, belief fell away. What you knew was beyond belief. It was assured. There was no longer a need for doubt.

Beliefs guide and inspire, but the question always needs to be asked -- guide and inspire for what? If the best beliefs can do is inspire more beliefs, what kind of pauper's existence is this? Wouldn't you prefer to ride your bike and laugh?

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