Thursday, June 30, 2011

health insurers' plans and practices

Gotcha by the short and curlies!

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  1. "Good luck finding a single insurance company executive or shareholder who will express any concern -- or even any interest -- in the lives of millions of people ruined by such greed."
    - from the Huffington Post article link to above

    It's up to us to make them concerned.

    In talking about the proposed budget cuts in NYC, a NYC cab driver from Jamaica told me that some years back the gas companies tried to raise the price of gasoline in Jamaica. So many Jamaicans were so outraged that they protested. The protest got more an more outrageous to the point that gasoline was no longer being purchased for travel purposes but for protest purposes: many fires were set.

    The Jamaican government "got it." Eventuallu gas prices got much cheaper; less than just before the raises.

    Something to consider; complaining, letter and email writing and peaceful protests have their uses but sometimes the people have to show they mean business.

    One of my favorite radio talk show hosts used to say "Wake up sheeple!"