Thursday, June 16, 2011

same-sex marriage in N.Y.

"Only second-class states have second-class citizens," a politician was quoted as saying after the New York State Assembly passed a same-sex marriage bill yesterday. The bill heads to the senate where it is reportedly one vote shy of passage. Five U.S. states and the District of Columbia currently recognize same-sex marriage for legal purposes. Several others allow civil unions.

Today, same-sex marriage is a hot-button issue. Pro and con, there really are a lot of fireworks. I have a hunch that the day will come when same-sex marriage is viewed with the same blase, who-cares attitude that might greet the assertion that the world is round. And when that day arrives, we're all going to look pretty backward and foolish.

Unless of course we all get raptured and a booming voice from above tells us how wrong-wrong-wrong we all were. Me, I'll take my chances: Any god that looks with disapproval on any sort of affectionate and loving ties isn't my kind of god anyhow.

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