Wednesday, June 15, 2011

when the obvious is just too obvious

On TV, there was once a woman comedian (whose name I have forgotten) who did a funny riff on the blatant idiocies people could indulge in. Things like young women expressing a 'feminist' outrage when men stared at their breasts while they were busy wearing shirts with deeply-cut neck lines. Each example the comedian gave was followed with the tag line, "What the fuck's the matter with you?!"

How stupid could anyone get?!

The answer, of course, is pretty damned stupid.

What brought this to mind was Monday's ruling in California that a homosexual couple had the right to file jointly for bankruptcy. In essence, the bankruptcy court's decision directly challenged the federal Defense of Marriage Act and implied that it was unconstitutional.

Sometimes analysis and reasonable discussion and trying to see the other guy's point of view just seem too idiotically tiring. The obvious is just too obvious.

Marriage is marriage, dimwit!

Commitment is commitment.

A home is a home.

What the fuck's the matter with you?!

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