Thursday, June 9, 2011

'naked' on the internet

It's a curious thing about the internet and its alleged connections: On the one hand, people seem to be dying to tell their most intimate secrets, explode with a hidden rage, or post pictures or videos of themselves in a state of undress.

On the other hand, their deep desire to express one nakedness or another is accompanied by an unwillingness to use their given names. Not even a first name and not even in as tame an environment as, for example, this one.

It's a kind of masturbation -- dying to get naked without getting naked. Dying for the pleasure without taking a step that the actual pleasure requires.

Yes, I can hear the important and sissified reasons for withholding and camouflage. But still it makes me curious -- what the hell is wrong with the name you use in your walk-around life? My given name is Adam ... or Adam Fisher. I seriously doubt than anyone -- even the scam artists from Nigeria -- give much of a shit.

And if I don't want friends and acquaintances to know something about me, I try to follow Dorothy Parker's (approximate) observation, "How can we expect others to keep our secrets when we can't even keep them ourselves?"

It may not be a serious matter, but I think it's worth considering.


  1. "kind of masturbation"
    "important and sissified"

    Your attitude towards anonymity head-in-the-sand stupid at best and arrogant & insulting at worst.

    Since you have decided to play lawyer for the prosecution, jury, judge and executioner on this issue I don't see any benefit in addressing it further. Nor will I ask you to reconsider what you have written. Just know that you are wrong.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Dorothy -- Charlie beat me to the punch, as usual. I can appreciate your high dudgeon, but wonder what the particulars of your point of view consist of.