Monday, June 6, 2011

smile, dimwit!

Sometimes I forget, but that's the business of practice, I guess -- forget and remember, remember and forget.

What I forgot today was brought home by a graduation headline in the local paper. Big and brassy, the headline quoted actor Alan Alda as he addressed a nearby school's seniors: "Avoid oldness at any cost."

And Alda's silly one-liner was reinforced by the band-cum-tractor video below. Both made me smile before I was even six sips into my daily cup of coffee.

And that's the strange-but-useful practice I consider worthy of the effort: Every morning, before anything else -- even before peeing if possible -- just take a nanosecond or two and smile. Even if you can't think of something funny ... fake it if you have to ... smile. Never mind sage observations about the practice. It's like a meditation practice -- do it anyway!

Having practiced this daily practice, you are, of course, free to return to the regularly-scheduled scowls.

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