Friday, October 14, 2011

another anti-abortion measure?!

-- Oh shit! Here we go again! The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill that would prohibit federal funding for health care plans that cover abortion. Will somebody please go down to Washington and bitch-slap these people?! A 9.3% unemployment rate and these people are gnawing on old bones in an attempt to fuck women yet again??!!

-- Occupy Wall Street appears to have dodged a bullet with the withdrawal of an announcement that the park protesters are occupying would not be subject to a planned cleanup... a cleanup many suspected would be an excuse to remove the protesters altogether. Further, those planning on joining the global rally on Saturday have been advised to dress warmly. I imagine this does not apply to folks 'down under.' Last night I saw a U.S. map on TV that dotted the places in the U.S. where "Occupy Wall Street" had engendered sympathetic rallies. There were a hell of a lot of dots, from east coast to west and points in between. Since Sept. 17, when the protest began, to now ... there must be something in it. However amorphous that 'something' may be, the popularity and agreement suggests it is real. Politicians must be peeing in their pants wishing they could harness that fervor and energy, but to date, they have been left out ... and their relevant irrelevance to the protest is underscored.

-- And researchers have come up with some interesting info about how dolphins (and apparently other deep divers in the ocean) cope with what in human beings can be "the bends" -- the cramping that occurs when too much nitrogen enters the blood stream during ascents from far below.

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