Tuesday, October 25, 2011

in search of meaning

Of course things do mean something.

But what interests me is the pure tantrum, the positive conniption fit, the mind can throw when it searches and demands and stamps its foot in search of that meaning. Things have to mean something! Everything happens for a reason! Like a child devolving into incoherent and unending wails at the supermarket check-out line -- "I want candy!!!!!" -- there is the gut-deep insistence.

And of course things do mean something.

But what they mean is this: I want meaning. It's OK ... it just doesn't work very well.

A meaning without meaning doesn't mean much to my candy-loving mind. But it is probably worth checking out. What would it be like if I just left "meaning" out of my list of demands? Is it really that scary?

Take a look. Maybe you'll see what I mean. :)

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