Saturday, October 29, 2011

here they come

The push-back is gaining momentum ... or anyway that's how I feel it. The Occupy Wall Street movement that got off the ground Sept. 17, 2011, and has enjoyed ever-widening ripples of agreement with its observations about income inequality and governmental hi jinx, simply cannot be allowed to stand. Its protests and news headlines -- day after day and week after week -- are a somewhat amorphous, but nonetheless irritating stick in the eye of those who wield the re-elect-me power and control. It is like being around a child whose antics are acceptable for a while, but then become annoying ... and it's time to put your adult foot down. Bit by bit, the 'adults' are finding reasons and means for breaking up with rallies and surprisingly little disorder.

In Tennessee, for example, a night time curfew imposed by the governor was ignored ... and gave an excuse for arrests. Elsewhere 'health' issues are being discussed. Increment by increment, those unwilling to address the issues raised by the Occupy movement find sincere and heart-felt and self-convincing arguments for why those groups should be disbanded. Well, no one ever said that the cotton candy of wide-spread agreement would not create a stomach ache of one sort or another. I have a feeling the coming days and weeks will test the mettle of those whose righteousness has touched a chord but now will be forced to read the fine print on the I'm-in-charge-here social contract.
Jacob Riis

-- Qantas, the Australian airline, has grounded all flights in the face of on-going labor disputes. As in Wisconsin where collective bargaining was eviscerated, I wouldn't be surprised if labor took it on the chin when it came to 'responsibility.' In hard times and in me-first times, business can afford to claim the high ground: They, after all, are providing the jobs. Jacob Riis once documented the fall-out from that exclusive point of view.

The Internet may or may not aid the latter-day Jacob Riis's of this world.

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