Sunday, October 16, 2011

out of Iraq at last ... not!

-- A report yesterday said the United States had decided to get its troops out of Iraq completely by the end of the year. A report today says, "well, that's not exactly right. We're just thinking about it." The American public has been whipsawed like this before -- hopeful reports that turn out to be nothing more than political ploys. Americans want exemption from prosecution in Iraqi courts. The Iraqis, with ample reason, are not willing to grant the exemption. OK, the Americans say, we'll just gather up our toys and go home. The Americans do not want to go home. The strategic location of Iraq coupled with its oil reserves make it an advantageous place to stay. Stay tuned for more whipsawing ... and more bodies arriving in Delaware.

-- Worldwide Occupy-Wall-Street demonstrations were 'infiltrated' by violent rioters in Italy yesterday, but otherwise the protests appear to have been relatively peaceful ... and growing.

-- An article about the 'luckiest' city in the U.S. -- San Diego -- pointed out with some intelligence,

"Luck is basically our modern world's magic," said David Zinczenko, editor in chief of the magazine. "People need to believe in luck because it allows them to give a name to the randomness of life, and when you name something, you have more power over it."
Luck and God seem to have something in common.

-- And a somewhat higglety-pigglety photo/blog essay took a look at a village in India -- Siyani, population 8,000 -- where a village elder estimated 70% of the men were unmarried in a country where marriage is the norm, often at the early age of 15. The implications in a male-dominated society like India's are quite interesting.

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