Thursday, October 20, 2011


-- Researchers have begun to study the relation between the brain and the effects it may feel from an organization whose activities I love to hate: Facebook. They are studying changes in the brain as related to use of the social networking phenomenon. The studies, said one researcher, "should allow us to start asking intelligent questions about the relationship between the internet and the brain - scientific questions, not political ones." OK, it's just physical at the moment, but perhaps the research will lead to consideration of such somewhat amorphous qualities as "dehumanization" or "stupidity."

-- Today there is blowback from the releasing and subsequent killing of wild animals in Zanesville, Ohio. The zoo owner opened the cages, let his captives go and then killed himself. Authorities were forced to kill 48 animals, including 18 Bengal tigers and 17 lions. The animals were roaming around and threatened the safety of nearby residents. Even those who were horrified by the killings admit there wasn't much of a choice.

-- And in New Jersey, a man has sued several big banks (Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo), accusing them of colluding with credit card businesses to fix the fees they charge to ATM customers. The suit, filed in federal court in Washington, is seeking class-action status. No word on whether I might ever see a refund.

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