Saturday, February 25, 2012

Big Brother

The Department of Homeland Security -- now too large and too well-funded to fear much from the left-wing, pinko, commies who complain about its incursions and infringements -- has a list of key words ("sick," "watch" and "pork" among them) with which to monitor such social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The cornerstone and buttress of the DHS is the touchstone, "terrorism," a word never adequately defined by anyone and yet so viscerally explosive that countries around the world have taken to using it as a means of suborning their attacks on almost any perceived enemy.

Make a criticism or suggest that freedom is being eroded, and the touchstone "terrorism" will be trotted out ... and the funding will continue to flow. "Terrorism" and its "terrorists" hold a potential threat, a threat that no man can adequately defend against. There is some nasty shit out there, but the price of defending against it keeps getting higher and higher... until, perhaps, we become what we have defended against.

Just think -- maybe some day the U.S. can become China or Burma.

What a horrifically good and prescient movie "Brazil" was.

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  1. Brazil always comes to mind when I hear DHS throwing the "terrorism" word around. Gilliam also predicted the role of the credit score in economic coercion. Truly ahead of its time.