Monday, February 20, 2012

a little perspective

Received in email:



  1. Agreed and as recently my zen meditation got me to one of the smallest object (or should i say fragment) in this world that is the DNA helix -and it leads me to the dilemma that exists even after reading and upholding the Lotus Dhamma Sutra (which is full of big numbers and marvels) - as long as it can be printed or expressed in black and white or yin-and-yang or man-and-woman while i could be wrong the only thought that appeals to me is what at one juncture Genkaku often blogged about (in my own words) "I will not express the extent of human suffering as a dharma or some form of teaching"

    Or as the Buddha tried to suggest in the 33 planes of existence beyond Neither Perception and Nor Perception which "is" the "psuedo-realistic state of Supramundaneness" ..

    ..what the h*aven I rather sit in the jungle and let Ananda drive me bonkers everyday with his whining about the latest misdeed Rahula made because Rahula spent too much time in the toilet today doing esoteric practices

    oh my lord gautama buddha *sniff*

    always a delicious treat to visit this blog