Friday, February 3, 2012

fawning and arrogance

The capacity for fawning, like its mirror image capacity for arrogance, can be pretty instructive, I think.

Have you ever noticed how angry anyone can become when the person or philosophy s/he has bowed down to crumbles in the face of a more life-like facts? And likewise how boring or downright insufferable anyone might become when asserting that fawning just doesn't cut it?

Placing your own head below the head of another (person or philosophy or anything else for that matter), is a capacity anyone might indulge. Mom or dad knows best; enlightenment is bright and shining and out there just beyond my grasp ... the list goes on and on -- something or someone to whom anyone might kowtow.

Placing your own head above the head of another is much the same ...

But the good thing about fawning and arrogance is that they (or perhaps I should say 'it') simply don't work. However infuriating it may be, fawning doesn't square up with life's realities any more than arrogance does. Weep, wail, moan, demand, stamp your foot ... still, putting your head above or below anyone or anything else's head or heart ... well, take a look. How much energy can be more usefully employed when fawning and arrogance are set aside.

Worth checking out, I think.

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