Monday, February 6, 2012

spiritual sex appeal

If there is one useful thing a man or woman might do in this life, I imagine it might be to examine their own beliefs.

As a philosophical matter, this may sound like some moralistic dictum, some tut-tutting by a thin-lipped, whip-wielding home room teacher.

But I see it as being a practical personal pastime -- something that addresses the sorrows that arise when what is believed and what encouraged a particular course of action runs into one of life's actual-factual, stick-it-in-your-ear brick walls.

Sometimes I wonder why 'spiritual' endeavor is designated as 'spiritual.' Perhaps it is because spiritual persuasions concern themselves (at least sometimes) with what is common sense and offer a format within which to exercise a bit of common sense. And yet ... 'spiritual' may have an aggrandized ring to it, but are such frills really necessary? Everyone believes one thing or another and eventually, with luck, that belief runs into problems -- sometimes very painful problems.

Who wouldn't seek some relief? And in order to find solutions, the only recourse is to examine the problem that contributed to the current discomfort. Belief strikes me as a very good candidate for examination. "I believe in God," "I believe in money," "I believe in love."

Does such an examination need to be 'spiritual?' Maybe so. I don't know. A little sex-appeal can fuel determination. But which is more important -- sex appeal or getting laid?

Belief relies on the past but people live in the present. This apparent conundrum is worth investigating. It just makes sense ... at least in my book.

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