Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a world of expletives

If I had to pick the best, single expletive ever, I imagine I would choose the word "shit!" It's short and rolls crisply off the tongue. It seems to sum things up in a wondrous thimble. No need to parse or dissect its origins. It just works.

-- Between the lines, a BBC article admits it doesn't have a clue as to the origin of giving something or someone the finger. Certainly it predates road rage. The Greeks and Romans used it. An analyst suggests it's a phallic gesture, though what is derogatory about a phallus I'm not quite clear. Anyway, there it is ... another thing that seems to work in the cranky-making situations where it is employed.

-- Advances in neuroscience mean that the face of warfare may be changed forever, a Reuters article suggests. Not only can mapping the mind be used to appreciate and perhaps cure disease, but that same mapping may lead to a reconfiguration of weapons and their uses.

I guess for every woo-hoo there's a "oh shit!" in the wings... and vice versa.


  1. Dear Genkaku

    You remind me of a sugar daddy whose purpose in life is to remind me everytime I drop by to say hi thta there is something today which i had not done satisfactorily enough

    Sh*t after dinner this evening I have not defecated yet

    ..what will i do without you

    somebody else here other than him, can i buy a copy of adam's book for you i am only a fraction through my copy and maybe it does not kick ass but as a buddhist i do not have that many items i own and the number is dwindling and still...

    let me know if somebody wants his book as a vday gift :).


  2. Just in case i am guilty of unsolicited marketing it is good to recall a quote i read elsewhere on this blog "offer and provide but do not insist" thank u

    it worked miracles for me as a aphormism of some way.