Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Republicans for Peace"

There's still work to do around here, but briefly catching my eye/mind:

-- In Dallas, a man's comic book collection sold for $3.5 million.

-- A nice BBC article addresses the recommended "eight hours of sleep" human beings 'require.'

-- I wonder if Republicans who tout themselves as deficit-conscious might like to don the mantle of peacemakers and help pass a law requiring that the United States could not go to war without first demonstrating that there was money to pay for it. A trillion-dollar piggy bank, perhaps, whose coffers would be supplemented by 20% per year, to account for inflation and the payouts expected by the wealthy. Such a poorly-defined law might account for the boys-with-toys needs the war-hungry display and simultaneously rein in the careless dispensing of "fear," as for example the use of words like "terrorism." Taxpayers would be stuck with the bill, but what else is new? At least their children might stand a better chance of living. "Republicans for Peace" -- how's that for an oxymoronic bumper sticker?

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