Sunday, February 26, 2012

the Ultimate Temple

If I had money to squander, I think I would create the Ultimate Temple of Unexcelled (Talkative) Bliss. People would pay vast quantities of money to enter ... and so I would quickly recoup my initial outlay.

Within, the richly-appointed walls would be sound-proofed so as not to offend anyone else's ear drums. Within, everybody would get his or her talkative rocks off. It would be comfortable and comforting and, for those who decided never to leave, there would be a vast cemetery. Anyone with any 'spiritual' leanings at all would be constrained to spend time at the UTUTB,

Inside, there would be incessant chatter.

Outside, there would be incessant chatter.

The only difference would be that outside there would be fresh air to disburse the smoke.

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